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Repealed Legislation (since 1 September 2012)
Short Title
Betting Act 1970 
Bills of Exchange (Amendment) Act 2017 
Breastfeeding Act 2011 
Cash in Postal Packets Act 2013 
Casino (Amendment) Act 2012 
Casino (Amendment) Act 2018 
Children and Young Persons (Amendment) Act 2013 
Church Act 1880 
Civil Service (Amendment) Act 2007 
Civil Service Act 1990 
Clergy Residence Act 1897 
Companies (Beneficial Ownership) Act 2012 
Concessionary Travel Schemes Act 2016 
Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act 2016 
Control of Employment Act 1975 
Corruption Act 2008 
Council of Ministers (Amendment) Act 2018 
Criminal Evidence Act 1967 
Customs and Excise Act 2018 
Data Protection Act 2002 
Disabled Persons (Employment) Act 1946 
Dogs (Amendment) Act 2018 
Douglas Library Act 1938 
Ecclesiastical Residences and Dilapidations Act 1879 
Ecclesiastical Residences and Dilapidations Amendment Act 1897 
Electricity (Amendment) Act 2010 
Employment (Sex Discrimination) Act 2000 
Employment Act 1954 
Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act 1981 
European Union (Amendment) Act 2014 
Evidence Act 1965 
Evidence Act 1976 
Fees and Duties Act 1989 
Filing of Statutory Documents Act 1937 
Fisheries (Amendment) Act 2013 
Highway Act 1927 
Income Tax (Amendment) Act 1979 
Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2004 
Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2006 
Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2008 
Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2014 
Income Tax (Pensions) Act 2008 
Income Tax Act 1973 
Income Tax Act 1978 
Income Tax Act 1981 
Income Tax Act 1995 
Income Tax Act 2000 
Income Tax Act 2001 
Income Tax Act 2009 
Income Tax Act 2010 
Income Tax Act 2013 
Income Tax Act 2015 
Income Tax Etc. (Amendment) Act 1985 
Inland Fisheries Act 1976 
Interpretation Act 1976 
Isle of Man Constitution (Elections to Council) Act 1971 
Land Drainage Act 1934 
Land Drainage Act 1954 
Law Officers Act 2013 
Law Officers Act 2014 
Legislative Council Elections Act 2017 
Licensing (Amendment) Act 2013 
Limited Liability Companies (Amendment) Act 2014 
Lloyds TSB Act 1997 
Local Government and Building Control (Amendment) Act 2016 
Medical Act 1985 
National Assistance (Isle of Man) Act 1951 
Nurses and Midwives Act 1947 
Nursing and Residential Homes Act 1988 
Partnership (Amendment) Act 2012 
Police (Detention and Bail) Act 2017 
Pool Betting (Isle of Man) Act 1970 
Post Office (Amendment) Act 2014 
Pre-Revestment Written Laws (Ascertainment) Act 1978 
Preferential Payments (Amendment) Act 2016 
Promulgation Act 1988 
Public Health (Amendment) Act 2014 
Public Health (Tobacco) (Amendment) Act 2015 
Race Relations Act 2004 
Representation of the People (Amendment) Act 2014 
Representation of the People (Amendment) Act 2016 
Reprints Act 1981 
Road Races Act 1982 
Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2015 
Sea-Fisheries Act 1971 
Seeds Act 1921 
Seeds Amendment Act 1939 
Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1921 
Short Titles Act 1977 
St Jude's Chapel Act 1839 
Statute Law Revision Act 2017 
Statutory Time et cetera Act 1883 
Summary Jurisdiction and Miscellanous Amendments Act 2013 
Superannuation Act 1984 
Termination of Pregnancy (Medical Defences) Act 1995 
Territorial Sea (Rights to Coal) Act 1996 
Terrorism (Finance) Act 2009 
Terrorism and Crime (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2016 
Treasure Trove Act 1586 
Trusts (Amendment) Act 2015 
War Memorials (Local Authorities Powers) Act 1927 
Weeds (Amendment) Act 2013