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Tynwald Hill

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This site contains –

  • All current Acts presented with point-in-time functionality
  • Published Acts of Tynwald as enacted
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  • Current Isle of Man Orders in Council
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Current Promulgation List


Current Legislation

Recent New Acts

Payment of Members' Expenses (Amendment) Act 2019
Criminal Evidence Act 2019
Abortion Reform Act 2019
European Union and Trade Act 2019
Marriage Measure (Isle of Man) 2019

Recent Act Updates

Interpretation Act 2015
Safeguarding Act 2018
Marriage Act 1984
Income Tax Act 1970
Income Tax Act 1970
Payment of Members' Expenses Act 1989
Customs and Excise Act 1993
Interpretation Act 2015
Legislation Act 2015
Employment Act 2006

Recent Bills Introduced into Tynwald

Council of Ministers (Amendment) Bill 2019
Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Bill 2019
Highways (Amendment) Bill 2019
Income Tax Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019
Dormant Assets Bill 2018

Recent Newsletters

Isle of Man Legislation Newsletter (February 2019)
Isle of Man Legislation Newsletter (January 2019)
Isle of Man Legislation Newsletter (December 2018)
Isle of Man Legislation Newsletter (November) 2018)
Isle of Man Legislation Newsletter (October 2018)

Recent Repealed Acts

Data Protection Act 2002
Breastfeeding Act 2011
Race Relations Act 2004
Employment (Sex Discrimination) Act 2000
Dogs (Amendment) Act 2018


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