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Current Legislation

Recent New Acts

Communications Act 2021
Medicines (Amendment) Act 2021
Elections and Meetings (Local Authorities) Act 2021
Manx Care Act 2021
Gas Regulation (Amendment) Act 2021

Recent Act Updates

Church Act 1895
Church Act 1969
Marriage Act 1984
Church Act 1992
Local Government Act 1946
Criminal Justice Act 1963
Family Law Reform (Isle of Man) Act 1971
Misuse of Drugs Act 1976
Jury Act 1980
Road Traffic Act 1985

Recent Statutory Documents

Collective Investment Schemes (Fees) Order 2021
Designated Businesses (Fees) Order 2021
Financial Services (Fees) Order 2021
Insurance (Fees) Regulations 2021
Registered Schemes Administrators (Fees) Order 2021

Recent Bills Introduced into Tynwald

Enterprise (Aviation and Merchant Shipping)(Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2021
Elections and Meetings (Local Authorities) Bill 2021
Adoption Bill 2021
International Co-operation (Protection from Liability) Bill 2021
Companies (Amendment) Bill 2020

Recent Newsletters

Isle of Man Legislation Newsletter (March 2021)
Isle of Man Legislation Newsletter (February 2021)
Isle of Man Legislation Newsletter (January 2021)
Isle of Man Legislation Newsletter (December 2020)
Isle of Man Legislation Newsletter (November 2020)

Recent Repealed Acts

European Communities (Amendment) (No 2) Act 1992
European Communities (Implementation of Article 3 of Regulation 706/73) Act 1979
Highways (Amendment) Act 2019
Council of Ministers (Amendment) Act 2019
Income Tax Legislation (Amendment) Act 2019


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